Web Portfolio

Local Landing Pages

tsc responsive design

  • Leverage appropriate UI to fulfill business requirements
  • Increase conversions by utilizing high-visibility roll over effects
  • Fully responsive, mobile first
  • Install and manage over 30 local websites with WordPress multiuser installation
  • Create custom click events in Google Analytics for enhanced traffic reports

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Interactive Injury LocatorInjury Locator

  • Conceptualize, design, and develop interactive body map
  • Successfully communicate injury location
  • Utilize CSS positioning & hover attributes for desktop
  • Implement jQuery touch methods on hotspots to make mobile and touch friendly

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Strategy for Healthcare App


  • Create high level implementation strategy to meet business requirements
  • Communicate project vision with stakeholders
  • Drive overall engineering of product design
  • Translate business strategy into technical needs
  • Plan content strategy for delivering targeted data
  • Utilize immediate engagement while protecting health data
  • Create rapid prototype
  • Conducted user testing and make revisions to design

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 Lawyer/Client Finder Service

lawyer web project

  • Translate high level business strategy into a working website
  • Translate business needs into technical requirements with flowcharts
  • Define target audiences
  • Create designs to support portal entry for 2 separate user groups
  • Conduct user testing and revise designs

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Usability Study for HMO Physician Finder

  • Arrange and conduct focus group meeting
  • Observe and record testing for collection of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Utilize variety of methodologies: think aloud approach, pre-evaluation, evaluation, and post evaluation questionnaires
  • Propose solutions and test theories

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