Earl’s Nascar Experience

Ravens Cliffs Day Hike

Gregor, CeZar, and I took a daytrip to Ravens Cliffs, Georgia. There was a really cool little part of the stream where there were many families of stacked rocks. This is my landscape lens,  16-35mm f/2.8L ll USM Zoom Lens.

Footer Idea

website footer idea

I always liked this type of footer, with the support people lined up to show the real human faces behind the support team or help desk.  I wonder if these are the real employees or models? If it were a staged photo,  it seems like the models would have been more diverse. At least they have the token (one) woman.

So my idea from this is to have my own footer with the many faces of “Sandy”.  A conglomeration of separate photos of me in different outfits, with different duties or aspects of my life. It would range from a baseball hat, pigtails, Burning Man outfit, to a full-on business suit, and every variation in-between. This would allow me to get creative with my persona’s.

First Speed Light

The Mask

The Mask. My trustee companion and ever-ready model. It silently sits by my desk day in and day out, going unnoticed… until I need to test photograph something. Today I got my first stand, umbrella, and transmitter. I put the transmitter on my flash, attached it to the stand with umbrella, and presto! I have my first external lighting. Finally. What to photograph? My friend sitting next to me always – The Mask. Sculptor Spirit Curves Gregor.