Fighting SPAM Referals

Today I added code to my .htaccess file to block some well-known spammy referal services that keep showing up in my Google analytics. SEMALT is the main company, but now they are spinning off into other main websites. I am documenting this today as part of my diary, to be able to benchmark statistics and look back over time to see how actions I took affects analytics in the future.

I think this one looks like the best advice… go right to the .htaccess file.

Get Out of Here, SEMALT

You Suck. You are filtrating my analytics data with false data.

Google Analytics API: unknown redirect URL

Some success! I now figured out  the openauth 2.0 working with the Google Analtyics API.  I spent some time trying to figure out why I had error message “unknown redirect URL”.  After finally finding the GOOGLE API PHP CLIENT library, I looked under EXAMPLES and there is all the connection code you need for any google offering.  It still took me a *few* minutes to figure out the file structure. After reading the //comments in the example file, I learned what the error meant. The redirect URL has to be the second index file it hits.  That means the first index page you encounter (this one was named simple.php) you give all the proper API credentials, and then you click the “connect me” link.  That link takes you to the inside folder (the demo folder containing all the sample code) which has it’s OWN index page.  It’s that index page that is the redirect URL.

Google Analtyics API redirect URL helpSounds really simple right now, but hindsight is 20/20.


fileoutsidethefolder.php  (the credentials to get in)


  • authHelpher.php
  • coreReportingApireference.php
  • error)log
  • helloAnaltyicsApi.php
  • index.php (once you login, redirect to this file inside the folder)
  • managementAPIReference.php
  • storage.php


Have a Mint

I decided to install Mint; my first analytics package. After passing the compatibility testing, I paid my $30 to get an activation key emailed to me. I retrieved the key and went back to Mint. It thanked me for purchasing Mint. Then I didn’t know what to do. I expected some instructions, or at least a “download” button on that same screen. It took me several minutes to find the download area.; it’s labeled “stay up to date” which lead me to believe that was for upgraders. The readme text for the install is 3 printed pages, which I thought “you’ve got to be kidding”, but the actual instructions for a new install was only a couple lines, and the rest of the reading was for upgrading. Other than being annoyed that I couldn’t find the download button, the install was fairly painless. I think I’ll like it better tomorrow, or at least when I can see some hits. It’s pretty depressing to see all zeros in all categories. I feel a new motivation to get my newly learned findability techniques implemented.