I am a web designer.  I help people with their websites by taking the time to understand the client first. What is your message? What do you stand for? Being able to determine those answers, then convey those answers into a poetic combination of data and imagery is what I love.

I combine the soft-side of people with the hard-side data.  I build brands and then I use technology to measure them. What is your sign of success? Data analysis steers the project plan. My background combines years of data analysis with an art degree, giving me the ability to navigate the many paths of web design.

What I Do First

After learning about you, I learn about your competitor’s web sites. I study how they have their data organized to see what works for them. Then we come up with your data plan and map it out on a site map. We pencil together a few layouts for where the data will go, and we call these wireframes.

Prototype Before Design?

Depending on the size and scope of your project, I may “rough-in” a few clickable pages with your data on it. We learn a lot while massaging the data into it’s perfect place. Let’s make sure this is the correct message before we start dressing the message.

Dressing, or Designing

When the data feels like it’s in the correct place, the design can be tailored to the content. This is the difference between having a generic, can-work-with-anything type of design, versus having one custom-meet your needs.  Color and images are carefully selected to emit the correct emotional feeling. This is balanced with typography, texture, and clarity of meaning.

There may be several rounds of back-and-forth feedback over the design, I usually like to cap it at 3, or it can be specified in our contract to work together.

Technical Application

When the design is approved, it is coded onto the existing content we already have in place. This method limits costly design revisions that can sometimes happen before the site launch.  The design will be responsive so the website resizes to fit tablets, phones, and any screen width.  After some Q&A we can launch the new site.


Analytics software reports the amount of traffic on your site and where visitors are coming from. There are many performance indicators available to report the health of your website. Ongoing reporting needs will depend on the scope of your budget.


Want more traffic? You will be interested in PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns. These are used to display your site at the top of search results until your site traffic can gain some traction (or momentum). Additionally, we can engage in social media to strengthen the brand.

Past Work

A fair amount of my web site experience is not able to be reflected in my portfolio due to clients being big-name brands.  Currently I work during the day building web sites for an online SEO company.  Please feel free to call me to discuss how I can help your business. 770-596-9216.

Professional Experience